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Episode 11 - Sydney

Sydney, Episode 11

A city described by Jeannie as a place which has elements of her three favourite cities in the world – New York, Paris and Cape Town.  Jeannie D and Janez check in for the next few days at the Blue Hotel in Sydney.

They commence their exploration by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a tour of Sydney’s famous architecture icon, the Opera House.

Jeannie decides to go shopping and explore Sydney’s top designer boutiques leaving Janez extremely bored wondering from coffee shop to coffee shop.  Janez decides to conquer his fear of heights by going sky diving with Jeannie.  After all the nerves, they take the plunge and experience the world from a different angle.

They go surfing on the famous Bondi beach.  While Janez is confident he can tackle the waves without a surfing lesson, Jeannie opts for one and manages to stand up on the board.

After a day of cruising Sydney’s waters on a luxury yacht, Janez finds Jeannie with her family that live in Sydney at a café.  After he realizes the excitement in the family, he suggests to Jeannie that she stays in Sydney while he goes on to explore Queensland.

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