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Albufeira, Portugal (october 2013.)
Albufeira, Portugal (october 2013.) by Gaidars Chris Sudmalis
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Episode 14 - Delhi

Delhi, Episode 14

Jeannie and Janez meet up again in Delhi, India where they are spoilt to the finest accommodation in the city.  The Imperial is a legend that offers a unique experience embracing facets of India’s history.

Stepping outside of their luxurious quarters, Jeannie and Janez receive a cultural shock on the streets of India.  They are amazed by the transport system and colourful markets.  

Jeannie goes sari shopping and finds the most beautiful material, and they visit the Tomb of Humayun- which is a magnificent structure in red sand stone and white marble and is one of the finest examples of the garden tomb, and a precursor of the Taj Mahal.

Jeannie and Janez are fascinated with the complexities and contradictions, beauty and dynamism, where the past co-exists with the present in this beautiful city.

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