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Episode 15 - Agra

Agra, Episode 15

This week on Top Travel, Jeannie and Janez take a bus to Agra known for its many splendid Mughal-era buildings.  

They first visit Fatehpur Sikri- the exquisite city of Fatehpur Sikri which was built by Akbar the Great in 1569, in red sandstone, with its various palaces and mosques.

Jeannie and Janez spend time with the locals and play cricket with children in the streets.  Janez kitted out in red cricket garments gets chased by a bull leaving the children in hysterics.  

On the way to the Taj Mahal, they stop off at a marble ornamentation gallery and learn the fine art of the incredible art.

Jeannie and Janez visit the incredible Taj Mahal- the inimitable poem in white marble was built over a period of 22 years (1631-1653), using a workforce of 22000 people, by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his Queen Mumtaz Mahal to enshrine her mortal remains. (The Taj is closed on Fridays).

The Taj Mahal presents a wondrous sight and made their journey to Agra worth it

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