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Episode 17 - Dubai

Dubai, Episode 17

This week on Top Travel, Jeannie and Janez arrive in a city with an unbelievable developing pace, Dubai.  After their fight in India, Jeannie and Janez decide to go take some lone time.  Janez checks in at the Kimpinski hotel looking for more adventure with his room overlooking one of the largest indoor ski resorts in Dubai.  While Jeannie soaks up the luxury by staying at the Burj Al Arab.  

 Jeannie goes on a desert safari and enjoys dune bashing and a camel ride, while Janez takes on the ski slopes.

They meet up and explore old Dubai, Dubai museum, the gold and spice souks and some of the city’s landmark buildings such as the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai.

Jeannie and Janez take a yacht journey around the World Islands and enjoy a cocktail at the Qamardeen Hotel.

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