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Top Travel Tips on Money Matters

Top Travel Tips
Top Travel Tips on Money Matters

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  • To make money-matters easier, banks and ATM's are easily accessible in South Africa. You will also always find a Bereaux de Change in the arrivals terminal at airports as well as in major malls.


  • The Euro, Dollar and Pound are generally the easiest currencies to exchange. Uncommon currencies such as the Yen and the Australian dollar could result in poor rates.


  • Many African currencies are not transferable at international banks, make sure to not convert too much whilst making use of all your local currency before you leave (Who doesn’t want an excuse to shop!)


  • Always practice general ATM safety, be sure not to let non-bank officials help you operate it as well as ensure no cameras are being used to record your pin. Learning to use the local ATM’s will be a useful skill as you will most likely need to draw money at some point in your trip.


  • Cash is of course king when traveling (not too much of it), however banks cards work just as well and are also a more convenient option to Travelers - Cheques


  • Only carry enough cash on you for the day and leave the rest at home, or alternatively carry different amounts in various places (for both safety and bargaining power)


  • Bargain and negotiate! This will work at most informal traders across Africa.
 Don't buy from the first seller, instead shop around to find out the rough price to negotiate with others.  


  • Ensure that your passport has enough blank pages for your Visa applications. Visa specifications vary across countries so make sure you do research well before planning your journey.


  • Travel with certified copies of valuable documentation (the more the better) and keep the original in a safe place where you are staying.


  • Crossing borders in Africa is something that, if you like exploring, you will have to go through and it certainly can take time and will require a lot of small payments. Embrace these interruptions as they provide a journey in themselves.


  • If you plan to be doing the driving an international drivers license is recommended and 3rd party insurance will be a necessity in many countries. Also ensure you plan your route because getting lost in the wrong area of a country could spoil a vacation.


  • Travel scams are impacting the entire globe, so if you find yourself unsure of your accommodation or ticket prices make sure you double-check with a reputable agent.

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