Experiences in Limpopo


Elephant Whispers Mpumalanga

Join Elephant Whispers for an enlightening interactive elephant experience; meet their five magnificent African elephants and learn about their extraordinary behaviour and physiology, observing first-hand how the elephants have developed trust in the kindness and care they receive from the team.

Visitors to the Centre experience life-changing moments when they encounter the elephants, the Elephant Whispers Team work hard to translate this into an understanding of the need for long-term, sustainable wildlife conservation, and elephant conservation in particular.

For those seeking an enjoyable meaningful experience, an elephant interaction at Elephant Whispers is a memorable and touching activity not to be missed. The mighty elephant is the world’s largest living land animal, the mere sight of these impressive tusked creatures inspires awe and respect.

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Ribola Art Route

Mbokhota Village, in the Limpopo Province, near to Elim and Louis Trichardt, is the hub of the Ribola Art Route. 

With the Soutpansberg mountains as the back-drop, Mbokhota, Thshivuyeni, Mukhondeni and Mashau tuck in to the valley below the iconic Ribola Peak.  The Shangaan and Venda artists and craftspeople in this area have attracted visitors from near and far to experience the rich cultural creativity and talent to be found here.

World-renowned artists like Jackson Hlungwane, Noria Mabasa, Phineas Mativandlela, Thomas Kubayi, David Murathi , Johannes Maswanganyi and John Baloyi have exhibited in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Japan as well as having art works in the top galleries and art collections in the country.

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Jessica, the World Famous Hippo

Say ‘hello’ a very special creature named Jessica. Jessica is an 23-year old female Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus Amphibius) who lives near Hoedspruit, South Africa.

What makes Jessica so special and unique, is the fact that she’s a wild animal that interacts with humans in a rather different way than nature has intended.


If you’re in the area, be sure to meet and feed Jessica the hippo! 

Discover more: jessicahippo.com


Images sourced from jessicahippo.com

Big Swing & Zipline at Graskop

The Big Swing is a MUST for adrenaline junkies! Freefall for 70 metres (20 storeys) and reach 140km/h speed in 3 seconds! 

Unlike bungee jumping, participants are strapped in an upright position in a full safety harness, allowing them to see the spectacular scenery of the gorge, waterfall and forest. 

If the big swing is too daring for you, why not opt for the Zipline. You’ll get 360 degree views while you fly across the gorge on a high-wire Zipline.

Explore more: www.graskopgorgeliftcompany.co.za