Top Travel with Jeannie D and Janez

Top Travel is South Africa’s premier travel show. The show had a successful run on SABC 3 in South Africa and is now globally on The Travel Channel and across USA on Wealth TV, reaching over 10 million high income viewers.   

The show focuses on Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren who join forces to journey around the world in twenty-six weeks. Whether they fly first class, travel by train, yacht or cruise ship – Top Travel unlocks the viewer’s passport to the world.  

In each episode, Jeannie and Janez stop off in a timeless destination - exploring the best hotels, restaurants, cultures, landmarks, art galleries and activities for that single location. It is a fabulous international soirée, with travel tips and laughs galore from two of the world’s leading globe-trotters.

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