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Episode 1 - Cape Town to Vancouver

Cape Town to Vancouver, Episode 1

Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren pack their bags at the Cape Royale in Cape Town and get ready for their 26 week journey traversing the globe …

After a total of 27 hours of travel, Janez and Jeannie arrive in the first scheduled country of their North American trip. This is the beginning of a whirlwind exploration over a six month period. Vancouver, Canada, here we come!

The Loden boutique hotel sees to it that Jeannie's well-known love of luxury was catered for by accommodating her in its exquisite penthouse suite. Janez, on the other hand, is thrilled with his masculine luxury suite... until he visits Jeannie's penthouse!

Ignoring the ever-present jetlag, the two fight off the urge to crawl into their inviting beds and head to Gas Town (one of Vancouver's oldest cities), where they discover its hidden treasures, including a gorgeous classical Chinese garden in the middle of the bustling city. When their eyes can no longer remain open, Jeannie and Janez head back to Loden to catch some well-deserved shut-eye.

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