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Episode 17 - Mount Kilimanjaro

Top Travel summits Mount Kili

Top Travel summits Mount Kilimanjaro

This week on Top Travel we have an epic episode instore for you as Janez takes on Africa's highest peak! Join him as he braves the elements and attempts his biggest challenge to date.

See how Janez's epic five day journey unfolded as he and the crew braved the sweltering heat of the tropical rainforest, the barren wasteland of the alpine desert and finally the sub-zero temperatures of Uhuru Peak at over 5000m above sea level.

The team set off from Moshi on a rickety bus that ferries the team from the hotel to the base of the mountain. Here they meet up with their knowledgeable guide, Godlisten, who has climbed the mountain over three hundred times. Absolutely everything for their 5 day journey needs to be carried with them, from water to tents and even their firewood – and so Janez, his Top Travel crew members and a team of 15 porters headed off to conquer the mighty mountain.

“Day one and day two were all about observing what was close at hand because I couldn’t place myself. I didn’t even know where I was because everything is shrouded in mist.

Despite the harsh elements – the greatest obstacle the team faced was the altitude. Only 41% of people who attempt the climb actually make it all the way to the top.

“At 4600 meters the air is so thin that everything you do expends energy”

The Machame route up Kilimanjaro is one of the mountain’s toughest trails, recommended for fit individuals with advanced hiking experience – and after three months of rushing around the globe on Top Travel shoots – Janez is wisely anxious at the massive task ahead of him.

Don't miss Top Travel making history as Janez conquers this majestic African peak!

Many thanks to the following people and companies who made this summit possible:

Cape Union Mart

ZARA Tours

Travel arrangements:
eXplore Plus Travel & Tours

Top Travel summits Mount Kilimanjaro

Top Travel summits Mt Kilimanjaro

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