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Episode 18 - Zanzibar

Top Travel explores Zanzibar

Top Travel explores Zanzibar

This week on Top Travel join Jeannie as she explores the spices, culture and beauty of Zanzibar.

Without her trusted companion Jeannie's sense of direction gets the better of her with some rather amusing results. Unlike her driving, Jeannie is able to get a handle on her shopaholic tendencies and even won a mango for her gallant effort at playing the traditional African game, Bao!

It is then onto the vibrant and abundant spice markets after which she is whisked off to learn more about the incredible healing properties that spice plants posses. Our Queen of Travel is soon crowned the Queen of Spice which earns her a private cooking lesson in the Mtoni Palace ruins!

See Jeannie's culinary skills put to the ultimate challenge as she leans to look a traditional spicy rice dish under the watchful eye of a rather strict teacher!  Will her skills land her in hot water or will she rise to the challenge?

Don't miss Jeannie's incredible African adventure this week on Top Travel!

Top Travel visited:

Zanzibar Serena Hotel
Stone Town, Tanzania
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Zanzibar Seaweed Center
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Sisso Spice Farm
See more info
T : +255777483411

Top Travel and Jeannie D explores Zanzibar

Top Travel has a cooking lesson in Zanzibar

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