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Episode 19 - Rwanda

Top Travel explores Rwanda

Top Travel explores Rwanda

Our two intrepid travelers' journey continues as they take a trip to Rwanda. Join them for a episode filled with emotion as Jeannie and Janez visit the genocide memorial and Hotel des Mille Collines, the hotel depicted in the movie Hotel Rwanda. They are given a glimpse of this beautiful country's painful past to give them an insight into the incredible development and sense of hope that is now the driving force of progress in Rwanda.

The unusual methods of transport in each country we visit are aways a great sense of fun and usually lead to some rather nerve racking close calls and in Rwanda it was no different! Our adventurous twosome then try their hand at some coffee roasting with some rather amusing results!  

They then get to tick off another wish on their bucket-list when they are lucky enough to experience gorillas in their natural environment! This week's show you some of the most spectacular footage we have ever had the privilege of filming!

Many thanks to the following companies that made our trip to Rwanda possible:

Tour Operator and Transport
(Kigali, Gorillas and Lake Kivu)
Thousand Hills Expeditions
    •    +(250) 280 31 1000,+(250) 280 30 1000
    •    +(250) 788 35 1000
Rwanda Development Board

We stayed at:

Kigali Serena Hotel
See more info on Kigali Serena Hotel
Lake Kivu Serena Hotel
See more info on Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Top Travel explores Rwanda and walks with the gorillas

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