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Episode 2 - Vancouver

Vancouver, Episode 2

Instead of calling a taxi, Janez's mode of transportation comes in the form of a bicycle - much to Jeannie's dismay! He manages to convince her that there's no better way to get to know Vancouver.

From land to water, Janez and Jeannie board a private yacht. Janez receives a sailing lesson that leaves Jeannie's nerves shot. There's nothing quite like fear and tension to build up an appetite, so the two head off to the public market, an urban renewal project in the heart of the city, to pay Chef Eric a visit.

Every girl needs to escape for a little “me” time and Jeannie does this like no other, finding the best spot for an aerial view of the city.

Janez and Jeannie don their matching outfits and go hiking in search of a Salmon hatchery. Without a map, they rely solely on Jeannie's keen sense of direction. Let's hope they find what they're looking for!

The jewel of Vancouver's cullinary crown, West Restaurant, closed its doors to present the pair with an exclusive dining experience.

A cable cart up Grouse Mountain is a must when sight-seeing in Vancouver. Janez finds himself up for a challenge - one he finds impossible to win

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