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Episode 22 - Cape Town and highlights

Top Travel Africa 1

Highlights from Season 3

This week on Top Travel we're back in Cape Town to conclude our epic African adventure with a personal tour of Robben Island. Our two favorite travelers then remember some of their favorite, funny, scary, emotional and delicious memories of this season!

From walking with Rwanda's giants, to admiring Estonia's talent and summiting the the highest mountain in Africa we say farewell in this, our season finale.

Highlights from our journey:


Our incredible journey began in the romantic city Venice where Jeannie learnt the secret of lace-work and Janez tried to perfect the intricate skill of glass-blowing! It was then all aboard as they took a trip on the opulent Venice-Simplon Orient Express and indulged in a bygone era of luxurious travel.

Janez then went solo and traversed the climate-conscious Copenhagen and then, in Stockholm, discovered a rather revealing range of underwear which he decided to model in the city centre!

It was then off to Estonia were Janez had only four hours to explore the capital city Tallinn but still managed to find what he describes as 'the most beautiful woman he as ever seen! His journey then took him to Russia where he had a rather amusing ballet lesson with St. Petersburg Ballet's Prima Ballerina!

Jeannie and Janez were reunited at their next stop, Barcelona where they explored the breathtaking structures of creative master, Antoni Gaudi. Janez screamed like a girl whilst attempting some rather adventurous water-sports and they stumbled across the maritime history of France's primary naval port, Toulon.

It was then off to Monaco where luxury and opulence are the name of the game and they got to experience the Monaco F1 track in their own red stallions! They then journeyed to Italy's Cinque Terre and got their feet working on some grape stomping, ascended the steep vineyards of Manorola on a monorail, and fished with the locals.

Next on their list was Rome where Jeannie and Janez had one day to experience as much of this incredible city as possible! After making some delicious mozzarella pizza in Napoli, our two jet-setters descend beneath the city and discovered an ancient Greco-Roman theatre, which none other than Emperor Nero performed in.

They then headed off to Salerno and the mystical Greek Isles were they were lucky enough to be treated to a donkey-back ascent up the steep cliffs of Santorini.

Jeannie's carpet weaving skills were tested in Turkey and Janez was humored by an eccentric poet and sandal maker in Athens! Next, they visited the lush, green, Greek island, Corfu, where Janez was faced with another batch of terrifying water-sport adventures.

Jeannie and Janez then embarked on the final leg of their Mediterranean Cruise with a visit to the quaint Italian town of Ravenna and finished off their European adventure in the city they started off in, Venice.

Top Travel Europe 1


We started our sub-saharan African journey in our own backyard: South-Africa were Jeannie and Janez cruised up Route 62 in an Aston Martin, stopping over at Robertson for some beekeeping and in Oudtshoorn for some crocodile cage diving! It's was then off to Kimberley where we dug up the facts behind the South African diamond industry and Janez discovered that Jeannie's love for all things shining may just drill a hole in his pocket.

Soweto is one of most vibrant, creative and cultural artistic hubs in South Africa and it was a must visit on Jeannie and Janez's journey. Their next stop was the luxurious Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge, set in the spectacular Madikwe Game Reserve, in the North West Province of South Africa where they were given the adrenalin pumping opportunity to get hands-on in combating Rhino poaching by getting involved in the tagging process.

From the breathtaking Devil's Pool on the the edge of Victoria Falls to zip lining across a 425m gorge Zimbabwe and Zambia fulfilled all of Janez's adventure requirements. They were then treaded to not only a cruise along the Chobe River but also to a helicopter flip over the Okavango Delta!

Their journey then took them off the beaten track in Botswana where they explored the understated beauty of the Kalahari Desert and its people.

It was then off to Tanzania where they started off their journey with a spectacular trip through the Serengeti National Park and were lucky enough to catch the migration! After fulfilling another one of their bucket-list experiences, a sunrise hot air ballon ride over the Ngorongoro Crater, Janez went through a traditional Maasai rights of passage to become a real man!

Janez then braved the elements and undertook one of the biggest challenges he has done to date, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro while Jeannie relaxed in exotic Zanzibar where she was crowned the Queen of Spices!

Our adventure continued in one of the cleanest countries in Africa, Rwanda, where we were treated to their warm hospitality and ticked off another of the top items on our bucket-list, gorilla trekking!

Our two jet-setters then took some time to unwind on the beautiful island of Mauritius after which they experienced the world class luxury that three incredible Mozambican beach resorts had on offer. We then were taken back to the place that our incredible African journey started, Cape Town, were Jeannie and Janez reflect on the experiences that have changed them and made them prouder than ever to live in this incredible country!

If you missed any of this season's action be sure to catch our repeat episodes every Sunday at 4 PM, from April the 27th.

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