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Episode 22 - Sallandrouze

Sallandrouze, Episode 22

Jeannie and Janez journey to the heart of the French countryside where they visit a beautiful Chatteau Hotel Sallandrouze in Aubusson. 

Sallandrouze history goes back to 732 when the Sallandrouze family made their mark through their craft and their tradition of the art of tapestry.  A luxurious castle provides the ample position for Jeannie and Janez to explore the countryside.

Janez heads off in seek of his parents home in a nearby town, while Jeannie is intrigued by the tapestry tradition and visits a museum and join up for a picnic on the hills.

Jennie and Janez then head to the south to the Canal du Midi and board a hotel barge.

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