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Lagos, Portugal (october 2013.)
Lagos, Portugal (october 2013.) by Gaidars Chris Sudmalis
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Episode 23 - Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi, Episode 23

Jeannie and Janez spend the next few days on a barge in the south of France.  They cruise down the Canal du Midi at a speed of 4/6 kilometers an hour.

They meet the owner of the barge, Olivier Baudry, a French native who is passionate about rivers, canals and river boats.

Jeannie decides to take a bike ride and test the speed of the boat, while Janez enjoys sun bathing on top of the barge.

They visit the fortified of Carcasonne, the village of Minerve and the picturesque city of Beziers and find hidden treasures rich in culture and French tradition.

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