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Episode 6 - Rome and Naples


Rome And Naples

Jeannie and Janez have one day to experience as much of Rome as possible, so they grab a few Fiat 500s and dart around the city as fast as they can. The Colosseum inspires Janez to try out some gladiatorial antics of his own, so Jeannie puts him to the test at the Roman Gladiator School.

This competition sparks a series of onboard challenges as Jeannie and Janez rock climb, try out some oversized boxing gloves, and hang ten on the Liberty of the Seas' very own Waverider. After making some delicious mozzarella pizza in Napoli, with a chef who is all too easy on the eyes, our two jet-setters descend beneath the city and discover an ancient Greco-Roman theatre, which none other than Emperor Nero performed in. They cap off their journey through the dark with a blind-folded meander through the city's main square - the Piazza del Plebiscito  - and another competitive challenge ensues.

We visited:

Rome Gladiator School (Ludus Magnus)
Ludus Magnus, Via San Giovanni, Rome, Italy

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Fragrance Tours: Fiat 500 Experience

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Napoli Sotteranea
Piazza San Gaetano 68 – Naples

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Gino Sorbillo
Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Naples, Italy

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Top Travel would like to thank the following institutions in Italy for their assistance during the production of this episode:

Ente Provinciale per il Turismo di Napoli

Azienda Turismo Napoli

Film Commission Regione Campania

Comune di Napoli

Autorità Portuale di Napoli

Agenzia delle Dogane

Terminal Napoli SpA

Rome Fountain


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