Kusadasi And Athens

It's a delight to be in Turkey, as Jeannie and Janez port in Kusadasi and investigate the labour-intensive art of carpet-weaving. They sprint along the shore on the back of magnificent stallions, or ponies – depending on your frame of reference. It gets hot in the cruise kitchen as our presenters don chef regalia and compete as to who can keep up with the Queen Elizabeth's high standard of cuisine. And then, our first stop in ancient Athens is an eccentric poet and sandal maker. His footwear may hark back to the Greek glory of ancient days gone by – simple, practical and clean-cut – although it's hard to say the same of his poetry.

We visited:

Lares Horse Safari

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Stavros Mellissinos

Poet Sandalmaker Shop

2, Aghias Theklas ST., Athens 10554, Greece
Tel: +30.210.3219247

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Kusadasi Yolu 1.Km Selcuk
Phone : +90 232-892 4316
Fax : +90 232-892 4479


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