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Episode 9 - Athens and Corfu


Athens and Corfu

This week on Top Travel, Jeannie and Janez are back in glorious Athens at the magnificent Acropolis, built in honor of Zeus' beautiful daughter, the goddess Athena. Jeannie gets in touch with her inner Greek goddess as she is adorned with gemstone-encrusted, antiques jewellery pieces from ancient Athens, in a Byzantine jewellery shop. On the Queen Mary, Janez is anxiously practicing his moves, in preparation of the impending dance competition. Next, they visit the lush, green, Greek island, Corfu, where Janez in turn gets in touch with his inner lady during their water-sport adventures.


We visited:

The Acropolis

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Byzantino Jewellery Shop
120, Adrianou str., Plaka, 
10558 Athens, Greece 

Tel.: +30-210-32.46.605
Fax: +30-210-32.47.079

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Corfu Ski Club
Daphnila Bay Grecotel
Corfu 49083, Greece
Tel.: 0030 6944 889650 / 0030 6942 852188

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