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Powerscourt Gardens by Gaidars Chris Sudmalis
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A luggage brand fusing form with function; produced locally & utilised globally.
Incomparable in its offering, presenting pieces & collections designed with the modern explorer in mind.

Perfecting the art of light-weight travel with a new nylon, hardwearing exterior

Designed for heavy-duty travel, with locks replacing zippers, 4-wheels & a hard exterior shell

 Retro Classic
The coolest & lightest luggage around

Bright colours, hard-shell & 4-wheels for trend-setting travellers

Florescent tones making luggage finding fool proof

 Lyric & Status
For the corporate commuter with laptop & iPad friendly features

Latest in luggage design with 4-wheels, hard shell & superior modern style

Travel right with Travelite

Travelite luggage

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