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La Perla Gallery in Burano, Venice

Lace making in Venice

La Perla Gallery in Burano, Venice

Jeannie traveled to Burano, which is situated a short distance from Murano, to learn about the intricate art of Venetian lace-work and its journey from generation to generation.

More about Burano:

Burano’s singularity strikes you immediately: its brightly colored houses, typical restaurants, and the calm confusion of tourists as they mill through the stores, workshops, and stands of lace, island’s principle source of income. Here, the Bon family runs their store “La Perla” with tireless dedication. The Bons work with trusted collaborators and have organized a special sales strategy while maintaining local charm and efficiency. The recent opening of La Perla Gallery has provided the business with more space for its high-quality creations (original Burano lace is made only by hand with needle and thread) and confirms the success of the Bon family’s business philosophy, one that places enormous pride in their island of Burano. In the shops “La Perla” you can see a extraordinary workmanship of the original Burano’s lace.

La Perla Gallery in Burano (Venice)


How to get from Venice to Burano:
In order to reach Burano from Venice, you need to take the vaporetto (water buses). The journey from Venice to Burano takes about 40 minutes depending on which part of Venice you are at. If you are taking the vaporetto frequently when you are at Venice, it is suggested that you buy the day tickets which are much cheaper and allow unlimited travel within the time given. Below are useful information:

Vaporetto day tickets:
One way = 6 euros
12 hours = 13 euros
24 hours = 15 euros
36 hours = 20 euros
72 hours = 30 euros

Vaporetto numbers from Venice to Burano: 12
The large, express ferry runs from Venice’s San Zaccaria stop (near St. Mark’s), to Burano and Murano, with another stop at Venice’s Fondamente Nove stop. It takes about 45 minutes.

If you are not sure of the vaporetto numbers, the best way is to ask the staff at the vaporetto station where you want to go and they will tell you the best vaporetto number to take.

Prefer something a bit more luxurious?
Hire a private water taxi. It is much more pricey but it is an amazing experience and you will feel just like James Bond!

A water taxi will set you back around €130 for the trip each way.

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