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Danish Architecture Centre

Guided tours through Copenhagen
Danish Architecture Centre

Strandgade 27B
DK - 1401 Copenhagen K

The Danish Architecture Centre offers architecture experiences for your friends and family. Get close to the newest architecture through their exhibitions, guided tours, and other events that tell the stories behind the development of Danish and international architecture and urban design.

New architecture in Copenhagen
The Danish Architecture Centre offers guided tours to sites of new architecture in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg (Copenhagen district) – on foot, by water, or by bicycle.

Below, a list of all our tours:

By bicycle
For smaller groups and individuals

Tours to Amager East, Nørrebro and Ørestad

Each Monday, Thursday and Saturday the Danish Architecture Centre offers guided  bike tours to Amager East, Nørrebro and Ørestad in collaboration with the bike rental  company Bikify.

The bike tour is conducted by a professional guide from the Danish Architecture Centre, and the bike can be rented from Bikify with a 20 % discount. It is also possible to bring your own bike.

These are "open tours" ideal for tourists and individuals, families or smaller groups, who are visiting the city and want to experience new architecture. Tours will only be executed if there are a minimum of 4 participants. Booking by Bikify.

Read more about the three different bike tours by following the links below - here you will also find information on dates, prices and meeting points.

Amger East
Start: At the Metro station Amagerbro

Finish: At The Blue Planet, Kastrup

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Max participants: 35

Experience the Holmblad neighbourhood as one of the city's many neighbourhood improvement projects, where e.g. successful sports and cultural institutions and urban areas have enriched the district. En route, we will look at Kvarterhuset, Prags Boulevard, Prismen, Kløvermarken, Krimsvej, and Amager Strand. We will be looking at new architecture and hearing about the challenges faced by local government.

The Green Path and the Green Cycle Route
Start: On the corner of Dalgas Boulevard and Roskildevej
Finish: Superkilen, Nørrebro
Duration: 1½ hours
Max participants: 35

With its 40km-network of cycle routes, traversing the capital has become easy. You will be sampling this route as we ride along the Nørrebro part of it, which is the closest-to-completion stretch of the overall network, so far. Apart from taking us through both the municipalities of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen, the Nørrebro route is characterised by a large number of award-winning buildings and urban areas.
Start: At Multipladsen (Square) in Ravnsborggade

Finish: At Bispebjerg Bakke

Duration: 1½ hours

Max participants: 35

The route goes through Nørrebro and will take us past the numerous architectural pearls with which the district has been adorned in recent years. Urban areas, institutions, and dwellings - social and environmental sustainability. We shall be passing Korsgadehallen, Åbuen, the daycare centre, Stenurten, Ny Nørrebro Park, the housing scheme, Emaljehaven, the institution, Sjakket, and Bispebjerg Bakke, where the sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard's fantastic dwellings crown the top of the hill.

From Carlsberg to Ørestad Nord - in the name of sustainability
Start: At Elefantporten, Ny Carlsbergvej

Finish: At DR Byen (Danish Broadcasting Centre), Ørestad Nord

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Max participants: 35

This route will present plans for the future Carlsberg, examples of the Vesterbro urban renewal from the 90s (solar cell units and sustainable urban courtyard environments), Kødbyen (the meatpacking district) as a creative melting pot, and on to Ørestad Nord where DR Byen boasts sustainable gestures such as natural ventilation and solar cell units, and where the Metro is perhaps the city's prime example of the reduction of CO2 emissions.

On foot

For larger groups
Kalvebod Brygge (Wharf)
Start: Søren Kierkegaards Plads, by Elisabeth Toubro's sculpture

Finish: Rigsarkivet (the Danish State Archives)

Duration: 1½ hours

Kalvebod Brygge is undergoing changes. The wharf, once severely criticised, now contains spectacular and architecturally impressive commercial buildings. We will be passing SEB Bank's highly commended headquarters completed in 2010 and the recently built Krystallen (the Crystal). You will learn about new projects such as Bryghus Projektet and Kalvebod Bølge (Kalvebod Waves) which will form the new promenade along Kalvebod Brygge.

Start: At the station, Solbjergvej
Finish: Frederiksberg Have
Duration: 2 hours

The tour begins with a walk through the former industrial area, the present-day Porcelænshaven, and continues across the open spaces which are part of the CBS Campus. On the way, we will be passing several prize-winning buildings such as CBS Kilen (the Wedge) and Magnoliahusene in Porcelænshaven, and you will be introduced to several of the most prominent Danish architects.

Ørestad Nord (North)
Start: DR Byen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Metro Station

Finish: Bikubenkollegiet

Duration: 1 hour

Ørestad Nord is the first of a total of four urban areas in Ørestad which is nearing completion. The district combines educational and research institutions with dwellings. You will hear the story about the collective development of Ørestad and see the numerous iconic buildings that have been built here.
Ørestad City
Start: Bella Center Metro Station at the Metro column
Finish: The terrace at Fields

Duration: 1½ hours

Ørestad City is still being developed and building upon building is shooting up in central Ørestad. Ørestad City is a mix of dwellings and commercial buildings, and we will give you a historical account of this important hub of the Øresund region. During our tour, we will be passing e.g. Ørestad Gymnasium, VM Husene and Bjerget. Additionally, we will be delving into the plans for Ørestad Syd (South).

From Havneholm (Harbour Islet) to Havnestad (Harbour Town)
Start: At Dybbølsbro, in front of main entrance by Fisketorvet
Finish: South of Gemini Residence

Duration: 1 hour

Experience the contrasting shift from industrial harbour to recreational area - and the importance of a bridge for mobility and town life. Havneholmen is nearing completion with dwellings and commercial buildings, and Vesterbro has now been closely linked to Amager and Ørestad thanks to Bryggebroen (Wharf Bridge). The residential area, Havnestad lies between the harbour and Amager Fælled (Amager Common) - we will be detailing the great urban planning initiatives and their significance.

Start: At Sluseholmen, by Teglværksbroen (Bridge)
Finish: Teglholmen

Duration: 1 hour

Sluseholmen consists of eight islets, each with its unique character; the result of 25 different architects having contributed the façades of the standard modules which, in effect, is an apt description of the carcasses. Some call it dogma architecture, others superficial kitsch. Take a look at Sluseholmen and decide for yourself. Along the way, we will be taking a look into the various courtyard environments which exist on the islets; relating the history of the overall development of this southern part of Copenhagen Harbour, the housing scheme, Metropolis, and the conservation of Valby Bådklub (Boating Club).

Start: At Osramhuset, Valhalsgade

Finish: Bananna Park in Nannasgade
Duration: 1½ hours

Outer Nørrebro currently sees great ventures such as the redevelopment scheme at Mimersgade and the area around Haraldsgade. New and distinguished squares, parks and buildings have emerged - e.g. Superkilen, Bananna Park, and the activity house, Den Grønne Trekant. In addition, several inner courtyards have experienced a lift as in e.g. Mjølnerparken. The tour gives a picture of the transformation of the old neighbourhoods in Copenhagen - new meeting old.

Historic walks in Copenhagen
The Danish Architecture Centre has a permanent catalogue of tours of historical Copenhagen.

Christianshavn walk - architectural styles
Start: The Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, 1401 København K

Duration: 1½ hours

This walk will introduce you to various architectural styles and we will be taking a closer look at the historical town plan of Christianshavn. The district of Christianshavn offers a wealth of examples of different styles from Renaissance and Baroque to Classicism and Functionalism. Our starting point will be the Renaissance plan of Christianshavn, then the baroque church, Vor Frelser (Our Saviour) and, finally, we will take a look at modern Christianshavn.

Inner town walk - types, functions, and styles of architecture
Start: Christiansborg Palace Square by the equestrian statue of Frederik VII

Duration: 1½ hours

Discover the historical part of inner Copenhagen. A historical walk in inner Copenhagen will present the styles and various functions of architecture - and will provide a new experience of modern Copenhagen. We will be looking at buildings and urban areas which emphasise the power of the King, the people's government, and the divinity of the Church.
Frederiksstaden walk - city, power, and people
Start: Kgs. Nytorv by the Metro column

Duration: 1½ hours

How did town life develop in this area? What is the history behind Frederiksstaden?
On this walk, the history of Frederiksstaden will be related through the people who created the district. From King Frederik V, Nicolai Eigtved, and A.G. Molkte in the 1750s, then on to the 1870s and C.F. Tietgen's completion of Marmorkirken (Marble Church) to Frederiksstaden as we know it today with Mærsk McKinney Møller and the Metro-construction.
The tour describes the town, the community, and the people of historical Copenhagen while also providing a detailed introduction to architecture and urban planning.
On water
Sailing Trip Northward to Sdr. Frihavn
Period: Throughout the year - weather conditions permitting

Start: The Danish Architecture Centre  (unless otherwise agreed)

Finish: The Danish Architecture Centre  (unless otherwise agreed)

Duration: 1 hour

The theme of this tour will be the overall plans forming the basis of the development from industrial harbour to recreational urban area, which we have witnessed in recent years. The inner harbour, Amerika Plads, Marmormolen and Nordhavnen all have their master plans. We will tell you about the various buildings as we sail past them and also about the many plans awaiting realisation. 

Sailing Trip Southward to Sluseholmen
Period: Throughout the year - weather conditions permitting

Start: The Danish Architecture Centre  (unless otherwise agreed)

Finish: The Danish Architecture Centre  (unless otherwise agreed)

Duration: 1 hour

The development taking place in Copenhagen is most evident in the southern parts, so far. We will be passing internationally renowned buildings such as Gemini Residence, Lundgaard & Tranberg's Mediterranean-inspired housing development on Havneholmen, the unmistakably Dutch-inspired Sluseholmen, and the harbour baths at Islands Brygge, which in many ways symbolise the starting signal to the transformation of the harbour area.


Prices and booking

Guided group tours in Copenhagen
Tel: +45 2096 9342

Please call: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9 AM and 2 PM.

If you are booking through or e-mail service, please remember to inform us about - which tour you are interested in
- how big the group is  
- date and time whishes
 - language 
- name, address, and telephone number.

Booking: 7 days before tour day
Cancelling: 3 days before tour day

Prices for guided tours in Copenhagen:
DK tour:  1 hour: 1.000 DKK + VAT.

ENG tour: 1 hour: 1.400 DKK + VAT.
Rent of bike or boat is not included.

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