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Bjorn Borg Fashion

Top Travel visit the Bjorn Borg fashion store
Björn Borg Fashion

Tulegatan 11

Our products are just as long lasting as the memory of the tennis legend Björn Borg's deeds, as breathtaking as his play and as eye-catching as his records.

Wear the legend. Be the rockstar.

Björn Borg is a Swedish tennis player and one of the most iconic sportsmen in history. Björn Borg’s unique style and rock-star qualities was the inspiration when we started the Björn Borg brand in 1984. Nowadays Björn Borg is an international fashion brand with a focus on colorful fashion underwear, sportswear, bags, footwear, eyewear and fragrances.

Björn Borg says JA! because, well, we’re Swedish. Björn Borg says JA! to changing the game, just like the tennis legend who gave us our name. Björn Borg says JA! to having fun with fashion. After all, we make clothes for people not models. Björn Borg says JA! to JA! because JA is the new NO! It liberates us to do anything, be anything, express anything, challenge anything and create anything not just in fashion but life as well. So, if you are with us, just say JA!

Once you have bought your pair of Björn Borg underwear join thousands of fans by posting a picture on the Björn Borg Facebook page and help them spread the spirit!

Help us spread the spirit: become a Swedish Export
In order to spread the Swedish underwear liberation all over the world together with happiness, inspiration and love, we need all fantastic people out there to become Swedish Exports. Join our mission!

How do I become a Swedish Export?
That's easy! Wear your Björn Borgs, take a photo and submit it right here at the Swedish Exports web site.
What's in it for me?
Every week, we select a Swedish Export of the week who gets a collection of Björn Borgs with the chance to be the profile picture of our Facebook page.

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