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The Langholmen Hotel

Top Travel stays at The Langholmen Hotel

The Långholmen Hotel

Try the different hotel alternative - stay in a prison!

Långholmen Hotel, Långholmsmuren 20, 117 33 Stockholm
Tel :+46 (8) 720 85 00
E :

Are you looking for unique and exciting accommodation in the centre of Stockholm - but in peaceful surroundings? Then come to the Långholmen hotel! Here is a rich history, marked by the old jail, closed down in 1975. Today, you are met by a modern hotel with newly renovated "cells" (2008) with daring design solutions and free access to wireless broadband. We offer free parking within the walls. The reception is open day and night and there you will find there a "mini café" and a small shop.

The Inn
At our Inn and in the snug pub 'Finkan' there is everything for both the gourmet and the gourmand, with the best from the Swedish culinary tradition. Weekend tips: Why not combine a late check out from the hotel with our popular Sunday brunch.

Natural Experience - in the Centre of Stockholm
On Långholmen, you decide the pace. Outside the hotel's entrance, there is a delightful bathing beach and good jogging and promenade trails, in a beautiful, peaceful park environment. On the other side of Långholm's Bridge, Södermalm and the rest of Stockholm is waiting with its rich selection of shopping and pleasure, in the form of theatres, cinemas, galleries and restaurants.

Before Your Release
Visit our museum, From Crime to Chains, which gives you an insight in to Långholmen's 250-year exciting past. P.S. You get your own key to your cell!

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