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Palace of the Grand Master of Rhodes


Palace of the Grand Master of Rhodes
Avenue of Knights, Rhodes 851 00, Greece

The Palace of the Grandmaster is a medieval castle situated in the old town of Rhodes.

 The castle was built to accommodate the Grand Master of the ruling Knights of Rhodes, during the 14th century. The old town was declared a World Heritage Site and is also home to one of the Seven Wonders of ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes - a giant statue of the Greek Titan, Helios.

Some practical information when visiting the Grand Master’s Palace in Rhodes:

Opening Hours:

1/4 - 31/10: 08.00-19.40 from Tuesday to Sunday,
Monday 09.00-15.40 (for summer season) and during 1/11 - 31/3 : 08:30-15:00, Mondays closed

Ticket Price:

Adults: 6 Euro
Reduced ticket (for persons above 65 years old citizens of the European Union): 3 euro
Children under 18 years old: free entrance

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