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Cango Crocodile Farm Oudtshoorn

Crocodile cage dive

Cango Crocodile Park

2 Baron Van Reede St,

Oudtshoorn 6625
Tel: 044 272 5593

In 1977 the Cango Crocodile Farm was established as South Africa’s first crocodile show farm. The farm was, as the name suggests, a place where crocodiles were bred to be sold. In 1986 a dream was realized when Andrew and Glenn Eriksen purchased the Cango Crocodile Farm.

Andrew and Glenn wanted to do more for conservation and decided to get actively involved with the plight of the endangered cheetah. Today, while the ranch continues to house a large crocodilian population, it has turned its attention to the plight of endangered species and in line with this, the decision was made to expand and include a number of big cats. With the initial emphasis being on the highly endangered cheetah, the Cango Wildlife Ranch is today home to more than 90 species of animals and reptiles.

They believe in conservation and they know that extinction is forever. Running the race against extinction is not an easy one. The work done at the ranch by their dedicated staff takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that the people involved in saving animals and educating the general public, will never see the result of their work in their lifetime. Nevertheless, they intyend to keep on doing their best to ensure that extinction becomes just another word in the dictionary and not a reality. They have seen man do terrible things but also knows that man is capable of great things and it is towards greatness that the staff at the Cango Wildlife Ranch strive.

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 Just want to know if you're open on 2 January and if I should make a booking
by Wilbur Olieslaager
19 December 2016 18:14:13

 Just want to know if you're open on 2 January and if I should make a booking
by Wilbur Olieslaager
19 December 2016 18:14:12



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