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Orania in South Africa

Top Travel visits Orania

Orania is a South African town located along the Orange River in the arid Karoo region of Northern Cape province.

In 1991 a group of Afrikaner pioneers bought an old and derilict town constructed in the 60's by the Dept. of Water Affairs. Since then the settlement has been reconstructed and has grown to a town in it's own right, with around 1 000 permanent residents and more than 10 000 "uitwoners", i.e. people that haven't permanently settled in Orania yet but who are part of the community by being members of Orania Movement.

Orania is in every aspect a "green town" with friendly locals, excellent schools and facilities, interesting tourist attractions and a growing number of businesses that cater for most needs. However, there is a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the community.

More on Orania's Green Community
Orania takes nature conservation very seriously and cares about its clean surroundings. All households in Orania divide their refuse in 5 separate categories: non recyclable, paper, plastic, glass and metal. Recycling therefore begins at the source, which means that everybody is doing their bit to fight pollution.

Solar geysers are compulsory for all new houses built in Orania, while electric geysers are systematically being replaced in the older houses in town. Interesting green architecture can be seen throughout the town, where buildings have been erected making use of materials such as stone, wood and hay. This eco-friendly approach to construction offers a lot of practical as well as esthetic benefits.

More than 30 000 trees have been planted in Orania while the beautiful Orange River and the surrounding farmlands all contribute to the town's image as a green oasis in the Karoo.

For more infomation on Orania visit:

Orania eco community

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