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Chapman's Baobab

Top Travel visits the Chapman's boabab tree
Chapman's Baobab

Botswana's well known landmark, Chapman's Baobab lies with its roots deeply planted a short distance south-east of the rural village of Gweta.

The massive old tree is recognised as one of the oldest Baobab's in Africa, and is thought to be well over a 1,000 years old. It was noted back in 1861 by Chapman, when he passed with Thomas Baines, and has long since functioned as as a landmark for travelers. The well known tree has many documented references to it in the journals of early travellers and foreign explores to the region, many of whom have left inscriptions on it massive trunk.

The massive old baobab has six main trunks, which measure a total circumference of twenty five meters, and is visible from far, rising up from the arid landscape, as well as a 7th new trunk that is beginning to grow. For this reason, the tree is known locally as the Seven Sisters.

Baobab trees provide habitat for a number of creatures including lizards, small birds which nest in its trunk, squirrels and various spiders and other insects.

The Seven Sisters baobab is reasonably easy to gain access to, but due to many tracks made by migrating zebra and nearby private safari camps, a GPS makes the journey a much more accomplishable task.

The ancient tree also serves as an ideal birdwatching destination, and a number of species which include Kalahari scrub-robins, red-headed finches, swallow-tailed bee-eaters and acacia pied barbets can be seen there.


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