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Jack's Camp in Botswana

Top Travel visits Jack's Camp in Botswana
Jack's Camp in Botswana

Situated in the Mkgadikgadi salt pans in northern Botswana, Jack’s Camp is like no other safari experience in Africa.

Your stay here promises to be a unique desert experience. This camp caters for the discerning traveller, and is true African luxury. Ten large canvas tents, with en suite bathrooms, are decorated with Persian rugs and furniture of an extremely high standard. Jack’s camp is an oasis of classical style in an extremely arid, yet beautiful Kalahari bushveld.

In the middle of the camp, the main tent houses extraordinary, timeless collections of archaeological material, skeletons and skins from all around the salt pans. This ‘museum’ sets Jack’s Camp apart from other safari lodges.

Jack’s Camp is ecologically sensitive too, by purposefully having no electricity in the tents, or flood lights. Kerosene lanterns, and the sounds of the wild, ensure this luxurious bush experience brings back the nostalgia of safaris of old. Described as “one of the only places in the world where the silence is complete, you can hear the blood circulating through your ears".

Jack’s Camp, a safari experience from out of this world.


Book your stay at the luxurious Jack's Camp:

The pool at Jack's Camp in Botswana

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