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Kigali Memorial Centre

Kigali Memorial Centre

The Kigali Memorial Centre was opened on the 10th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, in April 2004. The Centre is built on a site where over 250,000 people are buried. These graves are a clear reminder of the cost of ignorance.

The Centre is a permanent memorial to those who fell victim to the genocide and serves as a place for people to grieve those they lost.

More about Rwanda:

Green trees, rolling hills and rugged mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. Lakes and rivers provide welcome relief from the heat, and lend a luscious aspect to the land, inevitably causing the growth of a variety of shrubbery, trees and wild flowers covering the shores for miles around.

A landlocked country located in Central Africa, on the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Rwanda is also bordered by Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi.

Rwanda's capital is Kigali, which is located in the geographical centre of the country. It is a rapidly growing city and boasts significant development over recent years.

Rwanda's high altitude ensures that, although the scorching heat one would expect from a country situated just south of the Equator is present in some areas, the weather is more clement than visitors generally anticipate. The luscious landscape is fed by two rainy seasons, the first beginning sometime in late February and extending until April, and the second spanning early October up to December. The mountainous areas are generally mild and are occasionally susceptible to frost and snow.

Rwanda's plains and lower slopes mainly consist of agricultural land, with coffee, tea and bananas forming a large proportion of the nation’s permanent crop harvest. In the northern higher slopes, there are active volcanoes which are today visited by tourists on a regular basis. Rwanda is also home to a large number of mountain gorillas, and is well known for Dian Fossey’s remarkable work with these primates. Group visits to view the gorillas in their natural habitat can be organised in the capital.

The country's road system is currently being repaired and extended, and travel between major cities and neighbouring countries is becoming far safer. Over the next few years, several international projects are planned to improve the country’s transport system, including proposals for a new international airport, train line and roads.


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