Experiences in Northeastern Namibia


Morning or Sunset Boat Cruise

Welcome the new day or watch the sunset while enjoying a relaxing boat cruise on the Kwando River, which includes refreshments and light snacks. Please note: This activity is seasonal and depends on water level.


Join a guided fishing trip and catch species such as catfish, tilapia, nembwe and tigerfish. A fishing license can be obtained from the Lodge but is not included in the rate. 

Please note: This activity is seasonal and depends on water level. All fishing is done on a catch and release basis.

Game Drive

Embark on a 3 hour long game drive into the Bwabata National Park, with some snacks and refreshments included. 

Discover more about these adventures here: gondwana-collection.com/accommodation/namushasha-river-lodge

Bird Watching

Namibia is home to 681 bird species, so it’s a dream holiday for bird watching. At the Gondwana Collection, you’ll be able to experience the vast and beautiful bird life on offer. 

Discover more: gondwana-collection.com/birding-in-namibia 

Namushasha Heritage Centre

Celebrate rich cultural diversity in Eastern Zambezi. 

The Heritage Centre, built out of reeds and grasses from the area, encircles the baobab that was once used to spot poachers attempting to cross the Kwando River. Times have changed with the innovative conservancy system which empowers communities to sustainably manage their wildlife and resources, and with the establishment of the Bwabwata National Park where humans and animals coexist in multi-use areas. Swords have been transformed into plough shears and music and laughter now float up into the ancient tree.

A short walking trail runs along the river from Namushasha River Lodge to the Heritage Centre where information boards will enlighten guests about the fauna and flora of the Zambezi region’s wetland system.

Twenty kilometres from Kongola, on the Namushasha River Lodge turn-off, it is an easy and accessible place to pause for a taste of Caprivian culture in an attractive river setting.

Find it here: Namushasha+Heritage+Centre