Travel like a Top Traveller in Namibia

If the red dunes and winding rivers of Namibia are on your travel bucket list, here’s a few ‘Top Travel Tips’ from Anesu on how to get the best out of your trip.

Up your hat game

Sun protection is absolutely key, so have fun exploring different hats to give your wardrobe some flair.

Obviously sunscreen goes hand-in-hands with this – for body, lips and face, and keep reapplying!

Visit the dunes early

If you are planning a dune hike try to leave as early in the morning as possible so you catch the desert at its coolest. If you’re already sweating before starting, then it may be wise to manage your expectations of how high you want to climb due to the heat. And remember to pack EXTRA water!

Take your time exploring

You may be tempted to speed your way through Namibia but the drama of this country demands time to be fully appreciated. I really enjoyed exploring both the arid desert and lush water environments of Namibia, which are on opposite ends of the country, and I’m already planning my next trip back to explore the sea!

If you can, opt for a full country exploration of this incredible place and prepare to be wowed at every stop.