Travel Tips: Namibia

Top Travel Tips When Visiting Namibia

Namibia – what a breathtaking country! With its vast landscapes and otherworldly scenery, it’s a dream destination for many adventurous travelers. Navigating this beautiful country by car (or 4×4!) offers a unique sense of freedom and exploration. However, before heading out on your Namibian road trip, be sure you’re well prepared for the adventure that awaits.

Top Travel Tips:

1. Drive on the left: Like many other countries, Namibia follows left-hand driving. Keep this in mind to stay safe on the roads and avoid confusion.

2. You need a 4×4 to make it through sand and gravel: Namibia’s terrain can be rugged, especially in remote areas and national parks. A 4×4 is highly recommended to navigate through sandy tracks and gravel roads with ease.

3. Pack extra tires and a compressor: Namibian roads can be tough on tires, particularly in remote regions. Make sure you have at least two spare tires and a compressor to handle any unexpected drama.

4. Fuel up where and when you can: Fuel stations can be scarce in certain parts of Namibia, so it’s crucial to refuel whenever you have the opportunity to avoid running low and getting stranded.

5. Pack essentials, including plenty of water and snacks: Some roads in Namibia are incredibly remote, with long stretches between towns and shops. Stock up on essentials, water, and snacks to stay hydrated and energised during your journey.

6. Be prepared for dust: The country’s dry climate means dusty roads are a given. Keep your windows closed and try not to get too upset when your freshly washed car takes on a shade of brown.

7. Avoid driving at night: The roads are often unlit, making driving at night dangerous due to reduced visibility and the presence of wildlife. So if you can, stick to daytime driving.

8. Be on the lookout for wild animals: Namibia boasts an abundance of wildlife, including oryx and rhinos! Be on the lookout in case they cross the road unexpectedly, but ‘spot the oryx’ is also a fun game to play to keep the family entertained.

9. Buy a SIM card at the airport: Internet connectivity can be limited outside major towns and cities. Our tip is to buy a local SIM card upon arrival at the airport to stay connected during your journey.

10. Travel with a map and GPS: As much as we LOVE the convenience of a GPS, when technology fails, it’s always good to have a physical map to navigate Namibia’s vast open spaces.

Keep these tips in mind next time you’re planning your epic adventure, and your trip is bound to be filled with stunning landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Safe travels!