Experiences in Kenya and Lamu Island



Things to do in Lamu & Manda Bay

Manda Bay is known for its excellent boating activities. Waterskiing, banana rides and inflatable tube rides and wind surfers are available from the water sports centre.

There are 5 kayaks and 6 paddle boards available to use and this is a very peaceful activity where you  can drift on the high tide up the mangrove creeks and see turtle bobbing up for air, a host of birds and monkeys and skipping fish.

At low tide between November – April the snorkelling sites are very close by and accessible by boat.

There are 2  sailboats for those who are proficient sailors and want to sail in the bay on high tide. 

  Manda is a great location for kite boarding between December – April.  If you  wish to have lessons and require equipment then we have to get an instructor and therefore need advance booking.  The Cost of an instructor is roughly  Euros 600 for Beginners course ( 9 hours) plus transport to get here.

Game Drives and Birdlife

In the early evening it is possible to take a drive to visit the Manda ruins, an ancient human settlement that dates back nearly 1000 years. A few remnants of this town can be seen if you take a drive where you experience a complete contrast from the beach and see old coral buildings amongst enormous baobab trees and acacia woodland. Manda Bay is home to a host of creatures both large and small and whilst most of the animals are nocturnal including the greater Galago bushbaby, white tailed mongoose, civet cat, porcupine, hyaena, genet cat and occasionally leopard; we regularly see dik-dik, buffalo and bushbuck, dwarf mongoose, yellow baboons and vervet monkeys. During the dry season, we provide fresh water for the animals and guests can meet them at the waterhole.

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Kijani Rooftop Restaurant

Feast on Seafood at Kijani Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Fresh locally sourced produce is lovingly brought together to create our unique delicious dishes at Kijani Rooftop Restaurant & Bar.

A wide range of seafood, internationally-inspired dishes and traditional Swahili curries are all available on our seasonal menu.

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