Episode 9: Kenya and Lamu Island

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Channel your inner explorer this week on Top Travel as Anesu Mbizvo and Fez Mkhize set sail and follow the trade winds off Lamu island, East Africa.

Join them as they discover a thousand year old place of worship sculpted from coral, and arrive in Old Town, the African, Asian and Arabic melting pot of Swahili culture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Experience the ultimate coastal escape in Kenya’s enchanting Manda Bay, where azure waters beckon to water sports enthusiasts and sun seekers alike.

Don’t miss this wonderful exploration of the Kenyan coast, where tranquil seas and golden sands create a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable moments of relaxation and adventure.

Watch Top Travel Saturday 25 May at 8:30pm on S3 with a repeat on Sundays at 1pm. 


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Manda Bay is a small privately owned boutique lodge located on the northern tip of Manda Island in the Lamu archipelago on Kenya’s coast.  An unspoilt, secluded location where you can switch off from the rest of the world, take your shoes off and enjoy simplistic beauty in palm thatched cottages and open living spaces.  Manda Bay combines the ultimate bush and beach experience with miles of soft white sand on a private beach and Coconut palms mixed with Doum palms, Acacia Tortilis and a variety of wildlife.

Manda Bay is the perfect escape for families, honeymooners, and couples looking for the ultimate ‘no shoes, no news’ experience and is renowned for its wonderfully relaxed atmosphere with a variety of activities on offer.


Explore more and book your stay: www.mandabay.com

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