Experiences in KwaZulu-Natal


Umphafa Berg Tours

Take Drakensberg mountain trekking to the next level with Umphafa Berg Tours. 

They are a 100% black youth owned business in the mountainous adventure sector, with over 24 years of experience, driven by a spirit of passion and life experience. 

Across the entire team, they carry a rich history that stems from their home, the Drakensberg.

They offer guided hikes and multiday trekking adventures at Champagne Castle, Mafadi Peak, Mnweni Circuit and Tugella Falls.

Explore more: umphafabergtours.co.za

Wild 5 Adventure

Experience the world’s highest gorge swing at Wild 5 Adventures in Port Shepstone! 

If you are a thrill-seeker looking for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, the Wild Gorge Swing in Oribi Gorge will offer you guaranteed over-the-edge excitement! Give in to gravity by hurling yourself off the edge of Lehr’s Falls in what must be the most adrenaline-inducing ride of your life! Rated as the world’s highest gorge swing, this activity means stepping (or diving) off the edge of the waterfall and plummeting into the 55-storey deep gorge. The free-fall is awesome and will have you accelerating up to the astounding speed of 120km/hours in 2.5 seconds.

Take the leap: www.wild5adventures.co.za

World of Wings Flight School

Based in Umkomaas Airfield, Noel McDonogh operates the World of Wings Flight School. Here you can learn how to fly, whether it be a microlight, a light sport aircraft, or you can take your first steps to becoming a recreational pilot.

Take flight here: www.wowflight.co.za

Horse Riding at Selsdon Park Estate

Explore the beach like never before with horse rides for all rider levels and age groups.

Situated 20 minutes from Shelley Beach on the Hibiscus South Coast in Kwa-Zulu Natal, you will find their premier working sugar cane farm.

Selsdon Park’s horses are some of the happiest horses on the South Coast, and a happy horse means a happy customer.

Learn More: selsdonpark.co.za