Episode 7: Zanzibar

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Are you ready to visit Fez & Anesu’s favourite island? 

This week on #TopTravelTV join us as we embark on a luxurious retreat in Zanzibar and unwind at the exquisite SafiraBlu resort, nestled amidst the island’s pristine beaches and swaying palm trees. 

Dive into the rich tapestry of history and culture in Stone Town, where labyrinthine alleyways reveal centuries-old architecture and vibrant markets. Delight in thrilling aquatic adventures as we kayak through crystal-clear waters, snorkel among colourful coral reefs, and savour unparalleled dining experiences showcasing Zanzibar’s diverse culinary heritage.

Grab that beach chair, and make sure to tune in on Saturday 11 May at 20:30 on S3 for all the island vibes.


Get all the details of the places we stayed at, experiences we had and things you should add to your travel bucket list! 


Discover paradise at Safira Blu Luxury Resort & Villas in Zanzibar.

Safira Blu Luxury Resort & Villas offers 12 ocean view villas that focus on luxury, privacy and relaxation. Each is unique and as such, are named for their defining features. Whether you want to spend your time exploring your own private stretch of beach, lounging in your pool or swaying to the palm trees with friends, their villas offer something for everyone.

The name, SafiraBlu, celebrates the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean, where one shade of blue blends seamlessly into countless others. 

Their commitment to celebrating local traditions is embodied by the Maasai, traditional tribesmen of Tanzania, who serve as their distinguished security personnel. Adorned in their cultural attire, these guardians not only ensure safety but also contribute to the authentic atmosphere of the resort.

Adorning the report property, you’ll discover captivating wall murals that breathe life into every corner, crafted by talented local artisans and pay homage to the vibrant culture of Zanzibar. Each villa also have a private gallery of paintings and art pieces, each one thoughtfully curated to enhance your stay.

At SafiraBlu, the luxurious experience goes hand in hand with a commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring every stay leaves a positive impact on the natural world we cherish. 

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